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Aislin & Daisy Lee nude: 1 photo

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29.04.2017 13:53:26
Aislin & Daisy Lee - Fine Miss with Fine Defenseless Real Average Titty (Hd 18+ Photoshoot)
What bra/cup size is it?
7 persons voted
Is it fake or real boobs?
21 person voted

You 2 come as a matched pair? Sisters or married? See you only have 1 fan. Well, i will be your 2nd, and a SUPER FAN. Hope to see more pictures of the 2 of you soon. Both have BEAUTIFUL, natural breasts. AMAZING nipples and areolas. That is what I love. Need anything starting out --- clothes, lingerie, panties, bras, $$$😊. Let me know. Look forward to hearing from both of you soon. XOXOXO, DAN

10.06.2018 23:56:58 | Reply


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