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Christina Hendricks
1999 - present
02-05-1975 (46 years old )
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
81-71-94 cm (32-28-37 in)
Natural boobs
1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
70 kg (155 lbs)
Brown hair
US (12), EU (42)
$10 Million
Actress, Model

Christina Rene Hendricks is an American actress who was born on the 3rd of May, 1975 in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was born to Jackie Sue (nee Raymond) a psychologist and Robert Hendricks a worker with the US Forest Service. The actress started out as a model at the age of 19 in New York City. She later moved on to London to continue with her modeling career for three years. Christine, moved to the city of Los Angeles to start her acting career in 1999 at age 24.

Acting Career

The actress made her acting debut in MTV's television movie, Sorority. She later starred in Beggars 8 Choosers. However, her big break came when she landed a role in AMC'S television series, Madmen. Her role was as Joan, a sexy manager of an agency, who is able to rub shoulders against her male counterparts. The show has won about six Emmy's and several Golden Globe Awards. Christine's acting career comes as no surprise as her mother got her and her younger brother involved in a theater group in their community called The Junior-Musical Playhouse (JUMP). The reason her mother did this was to get her children to develop their creative abilities whilst having fun.

Christine Hendricks has starred in various television series with the most significant being ER, Firefly, Life and Kevin Hill. Christine's role in Firefly was short lived. The series didn't last and it gave her fans the chance to see her naked curvaceous body. The actress has chalked good success in her acting career and was as such given the following awards including several nominations for the different roles she played in movies and television series. Her numerous nominations at the Emmy's has so far brought home no win and it comes as a shock to many considering the series, Madmen has won so many Awards even at the Emmys.


  • Gold Derby-TV Awards - Drama Supporting-Actress; Madmen in 2012 and 2015
  • Golden Nymph-Awards, Outstanding Actress; Madmen in 2009
  • OFTA TV Awards - Best Supporting-Actress in a Drama-Series, Madmen in 2010, -12, -14, and -15
  • Critics' Choice-Television Awards, Best Supporting-Actress in a Drama Series, Madmen in 2011 and 2012


The screen goddess, Christine Hendricks, is not only noted for the roles she plays in movies. The actress has a really hot body. It causes heads to turn wherever she goes. The actress' voluptuous body and nicely carved out curves makes her desired by most men. There have been times where people have recommended she stars in porn films saying she would stand out in the porn industry especially with her boobs being as big as that of most porn stars. The actress has turned down all such offers to be a porn star.

Hendricks is never to complain about her body size in any way. Usually, most actresses what to shed some weight but she has embraced it saying she loves her body. With her being so interested in acting it comes as a surprise that she would not lose a little weight just to land roles. And she has stood by her decision since.

Christine Hendricks has had her share of camera downtimes where pictures of her topless leaked and went viral over the internet. The website Reddit took it upon themselves to remove the message thread that started distributing the actress' nude picture. There is no doubt she would do everything to keep her it's covered.

Family Life

The actress is married to American, voice and theater actor, Geoffrey Arend. He is known for his role in ABC's series, Body of Proof. They have no children for now.

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