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Elsa Jean
31-08-1996 (24 years old )
North Canton, Ohio, USA
81-61-71 cm (32-24-28 in)
Natural boobs
1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
45 kg (99 lbs)
two roses on right shoulder, two red roses on left hip
Tattoo, Pornstar

Elsa Jean is an American porn star who was born in 1996, Ohio. Her nickname in the porn industry is Molly. She has acted in over a hundred movies. She began as an exotic dancer in Washington, DC. Her first performance was at the age of 18. This was in June 2015.

Life and Porn Career

Elsa belongs to the new generation of porn stars. She might be the next big thing in the porn industry. This is because she has achieved a lot and she is only 22years. Elsa then attended her High School in Ohio. Jean worked to sell groceries and at Starbucks. 

This was before she joined the porn industry. She was a very shy girl. This made it easy for her to date older guys without anyone noticing. She was a very smart student. Hence she graduated from high school when she was only 16 years of age. After this, she went straight to college. She went to George Mason University. E was studying to become a surgical assistant. She only attended university for two years then left. After this, she joined the adult industry and became a porn star.

Porn Career

The years she has been in the porn industry have made her very popular. She has a lot of fans that appreciate her work. Elsa has also avoided plastic surgery and has a natural body. Fans who have posted reviews have stated that she is one of the prettiest people in the porn industry. They also stated that she captures the attention of viewers immediately. She joined the porn industry because her sex life was frustrating. This always made her stay angry. This motivated her to keep watching porn. This is what made her join the porn industry to experience a better sex life. When she first started she was only 18 years.

She realized that in the porn industry she could try out anything without being judged. Elsa Jean got a chance to try anal, she also enjoyed having lesbian sex. She also tried doing a blowjob and making videos while having sex. This made her happy and she got to enjoy her work more Elsa has acted very many rated movies. These include movies such as Airrose Entertainment. Elsa has also worked on various adult websites. She stated that she has always been interested in doing peg on camera.

Personal Life

Elsa is new in the porn industry but she says she enjoys her career. She also hopes to go back to college and finish her career as a surgical assistant. Education is very important to her. This is because she perceives it as a way of learning new things. She has a dog, called Olivia, which she plays with when she is not working. She also avoids sex toys because she thinks they are addictive. Elsa loves all her fans and appreciates their support. Their fans also communicate with her via Twitter. This is why she loves her career in porn.

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